West Oak Lane Senior Center
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West Oak Lane Senior Center Services
The Social Services staff is here to assist you and your loved ones with a variety of challenges faced as we get older. West Oak Lane Senior Center will provide you with the following services for FREE: Custom Tour of Facility, Review of Programs and Resources Available, Initial Evaluation and Information and Referral.
Ongoing support and referral services available for FREE: Short Term Counseling, Family Mediation, Group Counseling, Medicare Benefits Review, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Transition, Medical and Health Related Issues (including adaptive equipment), Utility Shut Off Notice Resolutions and Advocacy

Special Transportation Services
SEPTA’s CCT-CONNECT Shared Ride Program offers door-to-door transportation to Philadelphia seniors age 65 and older. Seniors pay 15% of the fare and share the same vehicle with passengers traveling to and from other destinations.
ADA Paratransit Program offers transportation to people with disabilities who cannot use SEPTA’s regular, accessible, fixed-route bus service.
PCA Attendant Transportation Service (ATS) provides door-through-door and upper floor assistance to impaired older adults. This service is provided in conjunction with SEPTA’s CCT-CONNECT Shared Ride services. Attendant services are meant to supplement rather than replace those of an informal or paid escort. Certification of eligibility is required.